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About Fishing Gear and Packs:

All great fishermen need a great fishing pack -- that seems a little weird, but hear me out. Fishing packs are like a fisherman���s own survival pack. With a great fishing bag, you can carry lunch and balloon animals to your favorite fishing spot with the greatest of ease. And the best part is that a majority of fishing bags are waterproof, so you can carry all of that fishing gear with no risk of it getting wet. If that���s not the greatest advancement of clothing since MC Hammer pants, then I don���t know what is. Seriously, I don���t know what is, I still wear acid wash jeans.

With the help of a fishing pack, you will never have to carry any of your fishing gear in your hands while you���re hiking your way up to an amazing spot. You might even be able to go to that one fishing spot you���ve always wanted to go to that���s further down the lake, but could never make it because you were carrying so much stuff and got tired. Go on an explore that fishing spot, it���s probably exactly the same, but at least you got there this time.

Also, in case you���re into it, fishing packs also come as fishing hip packs and vest packs. Fishing hip packs are what the name implies and are very hip, they go to jazz clubs when you���re not using them. They also don���t wear acid wash jeans.

So, checkout the fishing gear and fishing bags that Moosejaw has. Hopefully you���ll find that special item that makes you have a weird feeling in your stomach, not like food poisoning, but like love.




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