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About Deuter:

I bet you didn't know Deuter has been in business longer than any other backpack company in the world. Since 1898, Deuter backpacks have been comfortably and efficiently carrying the supplies of backpackers everywhere. I must say, that is some accomplishment, Deuter. I think the longest I have ever done anything was in high school when I kept the same sandwich in a plastic bag in my locker for all four years. That didn't really compare to Deuter backpacks.

Deuter backpacks are super comfortable, fit exceptionally well, and provide excellent ventilation. Holy cow, these three backpack traits are some of the top qualities that every backpacker loves their backpack to have. Deuter sure does make hiking, and life for that matter, much simpler.

The Deuter AC Lite backpack is one superb Deuter pack. It's high functionality and innovative features make the Deuter AC Lite pack a great all-around backpack. The more technical Deuter ACT Lite backpack has a little more bells and whistles than the AC Lite pack, making it more functional for those longer backpacking trips. The Deuter ACT Lite pack has so many crazy awesome features that I could probably write a novel just to describe them. I'll be nice and spare you the reading.

Deuter definitely has a wealth of experience and creativity that they have built up over the many years of being in business. Anyone who wants to argue that Deuter backpacks are not their favorite can answer to Jack and Vince. That's what I named my two pinky fingers. Trust me, they're tough pinky fingers.

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