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Sugoi Formula FX Glove
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Sugoi Formula FXE Glove
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Sugoi Zap Arm Warmer
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Capo Thermo Roubaix LF Glove
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Sugoi RS ZeroPlus Glove
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About Cycling Gloves:

I heard a pretty legit rumor the other day: cars are becoming obsolete. This is a very true rumor I didn't just make up. You're probably like, "How will cars become obsolete?" Well, they're just all going to vanish in thin air. Unfortunately, there is no word on if the people inside the cars will vanish too, so be cautious. Cars are becoming obsolete and traveling is going to be so much harder. Like, so much harder I can't bare to think about it. How will I be able to go anywhere? I'll probably have to relearn how to ride a bike. That whole thing about never forgetting how to ride a bike thing is crap, I am that one person who forgot. Maybe, I won't relearn how to ride a bike and just chill out on my couch all day and watch TV -- basically, zero lifestyle change.

While I relearn how to ride a bike, I'm going to prepare you for the inevitable, very real car extinction. Now, when all the cars go obsolete, you're going to have to ride your bike long distances and that's a going to be tough on your hands. Think blisters, rough and crampy hands, all bad things that happen when you expose your hands to the rough ride of long distance cycling. Da-da-da-da (imagine triumphant trumpet noise) introducing cycling gloves. Cycling gloves are great bike gloves for your hands that keep them from getting blisters and lock in the moisture. Pretty much, bike gloves make your cycling trip so much more comfortable, especially when you have padded gloves. Padded gloves make it seem like you're riding a bike with pillows, but please don't try to substitute padded gloves with actual pillows, though. I don't want to be liable for you falling.

Speaking of falling, cycling gloves are great for when you fall. As you read this, I'm relearning how to ride my bike and can assure you I've already fallen 18 times. As you can imagine this might be tough on my hands, but thankfully for mountain bike gloves I am protected from nasty road rash. I even got some cool fingerless gloves that stabilize my hand temperature, so my hands are not too hot or too cold while riding. These gloves have been a lifesaver for a beginner cyclist and will sure to be very helpful when cars become obsolete and you have to ride your bike for 1 hour to the local grocery store. Don't forget, that is happening.

Anyways, if you want some great cycling gloves in different styles and colors, Moosejaw has some great bike gloves for you. We don't have the late Michael Jackson's famous single white diamond glove, however. There have been times while riding my bike that I wish I had his glove with me, but you know I imagine that costs like a million dollars and yesterday I ate ramen noodles for dinner. But for everything else, Moosejaw has what you're looking for when it comes to bike glove fashion. You're going to be so prepared when all the cars vanish.




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