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Levi's Men's Commuter 504 Regular Straight Fit Pant
- $87.95
Reg: $87.95
Up to 36% off
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Capo Men's GS-13 Bib Short
Reg: $249.95
20% off
Free Shipping
Capo Men's GS-13 Jersey
$158.99 - $168.99
Reg: $199.95
Up to 20% off
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Sugoi Men's Versa Bike Jacket
- $124.95
Reg: $124.95
Up to 35% off
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Sugoi Men's RSE Bib Short
- $229.95
Reg: $229.95
Up to 25% off
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Sugoi Men's Zap Bike Jacket
- $149.95
Reg: $149.95
Up to 35% off
Free Shipping
Capo Men's GS-13 Thermal Vest
Reg: $179.95
21% off
Free Shipping
Capo Men's GS Jersey
Free Shipping
Capo Men's Padrone Roubaix Bib Tight
Reg: $279.95
20% off
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Capo Men's SC-12 Jersey
Reg: $149.95
21% off
Free Shipping
Capo Women's SC Donna Short
Free Shipping
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About Cycling Clothing:

Did you ever watch "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure?" If not, let me tell you about it: So my main-man Pee-Wee Herman has this bicycle he loves so much, like he actually loves it so much he would marry it. That sounds weird, but this was a badass bicycle -- it had little tassels on the handlebars and a plastic lion's head displayed proudly in front. This road bike was awesome and everyone was jealous. You're probably even jealous right now reading about it.

Anyways, weird thing was that Pee-Wee Herman would ride his bicycle wearing a suit. A suit? That's not proper cycling apparel. Pee-Wee should have come to Moosejaw, where we have a variety of great cycling apparel for avid bicycle lovers. Unlike suits, these bike clothes, were made for you know, riding bicycles. Bike apparel is form-fitting, so you're more aerodynamic while you're riding, thus making it easier to ride your bicycle. And you know what the other great thing about bike apparel is? It helps stop sweat. No more do you have to suffer through the unwelcome grossness that is sweat. I'm very glad that I've been born to be physically incapable of sweating; it's just not my scene.

At Moosejaw we have every type of cycling clothing you can think of. You know, shorts, shirts, jerseys and stuff like that -- no more suits. Unless of course, you find a shirt and short version of cycling clothing that are designed to look like a suit. In that case, ride on. Seriously though, if you love riding bicycles and you're looking for some quality cycling apparel you've hit up the right store. Moosejaw has so much bike apparel you could coordinate a different outfit for every day of the week for like two months. Everyone is going to notice how your bike clothes match your mountain bike, and that your bicycle matches your eyes. So you're welcome for making you the coolest, most fashionable person in the bike lane.




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