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About Cycling Leg and Arm Warmers:

Fashion stands the test of time. Actually that statement is a lie, you wouldn���t really wear something that was fashionable in the 1890s to hang out with your friends. Unless of course, that is your thing, then I will not judge you. When I was in high school I tried to bring back leg warmers, full out cloth leg warmers that looked like ���80s Molly Ringwald handed them down to me herself. Let me just say, high school is the worst place to experiment with fashion, especially when you look like you���re going to break into a dance sequence at any moment.

Fortunately, I am not a fashion victim. I have grown and learned from my mistake of trying to bring back leg warmers in the late 2000���s. But, do you know where leg warmers will always have a place? Bicycling. Cycling leg warmers are amazing and no one will look at you twice for wearing them. Leg sleeves are especially built for riding your bike when it���s a little chilly outside, and some are even fleece-lined for extra warmth. You���re going to be so toasty warm in your cycling leg warmers, they���re like little blanket burritos for your calf muscles. Great thing is your arms don���t have to miss out in the warmth party, Moosejaw carries a variety of great cycling arm warmers for your forearms, too! I like to make a joke that cycling arm warmers are like insurance, they���ve got you covered. That was a really bad joke, I���m sorry.

Anyways, no more do you have to suffer through the cold wind when riding your bike. Not only are some of Moosejaw���s leg and arm sleeves fleece-lined, they���re wind resistant also. I���m jealous, you���re going to look so much better in leg warmers than me.Seriously though, if you���re looking for some awesome cycling leg and cycling arm warmers, Moosejaw is the place to get them. We carry a variety of colors so you can coordinate the leg and arm sleeves to match the rest of your outfit, so you are equally wind-resistant, warm and fashionable. I recommend that you don���t take tips from Baby in ���Dirty Dancing��� and wear ���80s leg warmer while bicycling, get yourself some badass cycling leg and cycling arm warmers instead.




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