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Cycling Arm and Leg Warmers

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Women's Armwarmer
$29.95 Price pending
RS Leg Warmer
$39.99   $59.95
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Zap Arm Warmer
$21.99   $39.95
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Pearl Izumi
Elite Thermal Leg Warmer
$39.99   $49.95
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About Cycling Leg and Arm Warmers:

Fashion stands the test of time. Actually that statement is a lie, you wouldn't really wear something that was fashionable in the 1890s to hang out with your friends. Unless of course, that is your thing, then I will not judge you. When I was in high school I tried to bring back leg warmers, full out cloth leg warmers that looked like '80s Molly Ringwald handed them down to me herself. Let me just say, high school is the worst place to experiment with fashion, especially when you look like you're going to break into a dance sequence at any moment.

Fortunately, I am not a fashion victim. I have grown and learned from my mistake of trying to bring back leg warmers in the late 2000's. But, do you know where leg warmers will always have a place? Bicycling. Cycling leg warmers are amazing and no one will look at you twice for wearing them. Leg sleeves are especially built for riding your bike when it's a little chilly outside, and some are even fleece-lined for extra warmth. You're going to be so toasty warm in your cycling leg warmers, they're like little blanket burritos for your calf muscles. Great thing is your arms don't have to miss out in the warmth party, Moosejaw carries a variety of great cycling arm warmers for your forearms, too! I like to make a joke that cycling arm warmers are like insurance, they've got you covered. That was a really bad joke, I'm sorry.

Anyways, no more do you have to suffer through the cold wind when riding your bike. Not only are some of Moosejaw's leg and arm sleeves fleece-lined, they're wind resistant also. I'm jealous, you're going to look so much better in leg warmers than me.Seriously though, if you're looking for some awesome cycling leg and cycling arm warmers, Moosejaw is the place to get them. We carry a variety of colors so you can coordinate the leg and arm sleeves to match the rest of your outfit, so you are equally wind-resistant, warm and fashionable. I recommend that you don't take tips from Baby in "Dirty Dancing" and wear '80s leg warmer while bicycling, get yourself some badass cycling leg and cycling arm warmers instead.


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