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Fjallraven Kanken Backpack
- $74.95
Reg: $74.95
Up to 11% off
Free Shipping
Arcteryx Arro 22 Backpack
Free Shipping
Arcteryx Astri 19 Pack
- $148.95
Reg: $148.95
Up to 25% off
Free Shipping
Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack
- $64.95
Reg: $59.95 - $64.95
Free Shipping over $49
The North Face Surge II
- $124.95
Reg: $124.95
Up to 21% off
Free Shipping
The North Face Women's Surge II
$92.99 - $98.99
Reg: $124.95
Up to 26% off
Free Shipping
Arcteryx Blade 24 Pack
Free Shipping
Arcteryx Lunara 10 Bag
Free Shipping
Fjallraven Kanken 15 Backpack
- $109.95
Reg: $109.95
Up to 25% off
Free Shipping
The North Face Router
Free Shipping
Fjallraven Foldsack No. 1
Free Shipping
Arcteryx Blade 30 Pack
Free Shipping
Timbuk2 Commute
- $119.00
Reg: $109.00 - $129.00
Free Shipping
Gregory Border 25
Free Shipping
Gregory Sketch 15 Bag
Free Shipping
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About Bike Commuter Packs:

It's lunchtime right now and I can't stop thinking about this sandwich that I packed from home. This sandwich looks like it's been handcrafted by a sandwich gods themselves, too; it has the perfect ratios of everything -- ham, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, etc. Right now, this sandwich is just staring at me across my desk, waiting to be eaten and I kind of hate it a little bit for that.

Unfortunately, I'm a horrible multitasker and the sandwich will have to wait, because right now I'm going to tell you about Moosejaw's awesome commuter bike packs for your bicycle. Everybody should love backpacks; they're like the one thing that you never outgrow. From preschool to hiking trips when you're 40, you can always use a commuter pack. This statement is especially true for commuter cyclists; commuter cycling packs can hold anything from food, clothes, to laptops. Yeah, I said laptops because most commuter bike packs have fancy laptop sleeves built into them, which keep your laptop safe and snug while you ride. You don't even have to worry about any rain or water getting to your laptop because Moosejaw carries great commuter cycling packs that are water-resistant. Remember when I said, commuter packs were awesome, well that's why.

Now, if you commute during the night with your bicycle, you'll be glad to hear that Moosejaw carries some commuter cycling packs with reflective straps. These reflective straps make you more visible at night to motorists and pedestrians, which is obviously a good thing because the chances of you getting hurt are a lot less. Trust me; reflective commuter bike packs for your bicycle should be your favorite new thing.

Sources say that Oprah has Moosejaw's commuter packs on her "Favorite Things" list, but that's also just sources and those sources could be my mom. You should check our wide collection of commuter bike packs for your bicycle in so many different colors and styles you might explode. Don't actually explode. Really though, Moosejaw carries some of the top quality brands in the commuter pack industry. You'll find that Moosejaw's commuter cycling packs are not only useful but stylish too, which are 20 steps up from the backpacks you used to carry in elementary school. Seriously, don't go back to the Barbie backpack; we've got better ones for you now. I'm off to go eat my sandwich now, though.




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