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Black Diamond gear and outerwear at Moosejaw
Camp USA Orbit Express KS Quickdraw
$11.99 - $13.99
Reg: $17.95 - $20.95
Camp USA Orbit Express KS Quickdraw - 5 Pack
Reg: $79.95
21% off
Free Shipping
Moosejaw Men's Carabiner Experiment Tri-Blend Zip Hoody
Reg: $55.00
22% off
Free Shipping
Metolius Inferno Wiregate Carabiner Quickdraw 5pk
Reg: $87.50
20% off
Free Shipping
Black Diamond Oz Quickpack
Free Shipping
Petzl Am'D Screw-Lock Carabiner
Reg: $13.95
20% off
Petzl Am'D Triact-Lock Carabiner
Reg: $18.95
20% off
Petzl William Screw-Lock Carabiner
Reg: $15.95
20% off
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About Carabiners:

Why is it that all climbing equipment has so many possible uses. Is it because when you are climbing you can’t carry everything in your garage with you and therefore all of the gear has to be as useful as possible to maximize efficiency? Good guess, but no. It’s because climbing gear, like rock climbing in general, is really, really badass.

Carabiners are some of the most useful inventions ever. Not only is a carabiner a vital part of making sure that your ropes support you while you are hundreds of feet in the air, they also make great keychains. I know that carabiner keychains aren’t supposed to be load bearing, but that’s because you are buying a keychain. You need to get yourself an extra weight bearing carabiner to go with your other climbing supplies and just use it to hold your keys while you wait for your moment to become a rock climbing hero. I know that an actual carabiner is a little bit more heavy duty than your average key chain but I prefer them since in a really dire situation I could throw it at a marauding bigfoot and the creature might be stunned enough for me to make a safe getaway.

The best carabiners are dependable, made with reliable hardware out of resilient materials. These carabiners are so cool that they even have extra time to come in a variety of colors so you can make sure they are coordinated with the rest of your climbing gear. If you ever get ahead of your friends on an expedition and they are looking for you they can just ask other climbers if they have seen someone with a really well put together outfit.




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