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Black Diamond Equipment

When you think about climbing, it's probably best to think about Black Diamond Equipment. Seriously, it'll keep you from getting confused, and thinking about tree climbing or social climbing. I always used to get that stuff confused with rock climbing. This whole Black Diamond idea solved my dilemma. Black Diamond is synonymous with climbing, or analogous, or something.

None of that is true, except the part about Black Diamond being basically synonymous with climbing. Really, I totally know the difference between tree climbing and rock climbing. Totally. Anyway, Black Diamond is pretty much the pioneer in climbing equipment, dating way back to 1957 (which started on a Tuesday, but I won't hold that against it) when Yvon Chouinard pounded out hand-forged pitons and selling them out of the trunk of his car. Back then it was called Chouinard Equipment, but this isn't history class, and it was the same peeps who went on to become Black Diamond Equipment.

From then until now, Black Diamond climbing gear pretty much revolutionized the way that people climb. And as rock climbing and ice climbing gained popularity through the years, Black Diamond was right there, developing new technologies in climbing gear. Nowaways, Black Diamond is making some of the most trusted climbing gear on the market, like climbing harnesses, carabiners and quickdraws, helmets, protection like cams and stopper nuts, and belay devices. Black Diamond is a major influence in the alpine and ice climbing circle, too, with crampons, ice tools, ice axes, and their famous ice screws.

Black Diamond Equipment




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