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Black Diamond Belay Devices + Ascenders

Ascending is no joke... Unless you're using Black Diamond ascenders of course. Getting down isn't just for the dance floor anymore, because a Black Diamond belay can get you down the wall, packed up, and in bed by story time. Back to the ascent part... The Black Diamond nForce Ascender is a genius little deal that sustains 33% more clamping force than any other ascender to ensure a firm grasp on dirty, wet, or ice covered rope. Each of the Black Diamond ascenders are firm, but gentle... Oh yes. Even though gripping on the ropes with maximum pressure, these ascenders are sure to preserve the rope without wear and tear.

With a Black Diamond belay like the ATC Guide Belay, no one has to worry about getting down in a safe and secure manner. Multiple friction modes allow you to belay and rappel with ease, paired with the auto-block release hole which is large enough to fit small carabiners. The design is very simple and straightforward with a lightweight frame and ingenious guide mode which works with one or two climbers in both the ascent and descent. Of course, if those don't strike your fancy, the Black Diamond ATC Belay might do just that. With a minimalist design, this Black Diamond belay dissipates heat while lowering or rappelling and maintaining a smooth descent.

With a Black Diamond belay like these, don't worry about getting down without breaking a sweat. You may want to take a peek at the Black Diamond Big Air XP Package, which has a mini pearabiner screwgate carabiner for unparalleled security. The high friction mode on ATC-XP offers amazing stop and holding power. Feeding the rope is no problem on this Black Diamond belay, with a small application of pressure, the teeth provide ample resistance for any climber.

Now that your mouth is watering from finding out about these excellent Black Diamond ascenders and belay devices, take a look!




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