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About Bike Seat and Saddle Bags:

Everyone's elementary school had that one girl who was obsessed with horses. Literally, everyone did. Whether it was 1st, 3rd or 5th grade, there was a girl in your school obsessed with horses and she let everyone know about it. Walking through the hallways with all horse-themed backpack, folders, pencils and notebooks, you knew her and you were afraid of her. Sadly, I was not that girl obsessed with horses in elementary school; she was a lot more badass than me. I've actually never rode a horse ever, unless you count the ponies at the fair.

I guess I'm telling you this because this page is covered with all the great bike saddle bags and bike seat bags that Moosejaw has to offer. I assume saddles are what you put on horses, so thus I went on my whole spiel about horse-girl. But, these kind of saddles are completely different from horse saddles, because bicycle saddle bags are actually little storage bags that you attach to the back of your bicycle seat. Who would have thought; well, you would have because you're a lot smarter than me.

Anyway, bicycle seat bags are great for holding small things like your cellphone, extra water bottle, wallet and burger coupons. Bike seat bags are wedge-shaped, fitting nicely under your bike seat, so you are assured easy access. So, zip up your cycling saddle bag and hit the nearest fast food drive-thru, you earned it. Moosejaw also carries bicycle seat bags with reflective patches which make it easier to see you at night. If you're a total night owl and love making those late-night cycling trip, then get a cycling seat bag with reflective patches. Imagine having a reflective eyepatch,that would be sweet.

So, if you're looking for great bicycle saddle bags, then you've come to the right Moosejaw page. Moosejaw has a variety of bike saddle bags that come in differing colors and styles, so you can find the best bike seat bag for you. Now, you can totally become obsessed with your bike saddle bag, get pictures of it on everything you own and be remembered for life because of it. Being obsessed with things is fun (when it's not people and you can't get restraining orders). I wonder how horse-girl from my elementary school is doing now.




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