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About Bike Repair Stands:

I always thought those Halloween costumes where people dressed up like a night stands were super clever, you know because that meant they were a “one night stand.” So many laughs, so clever. I tried to dress up like a bike repair stand for Halloween once and I just did not get the same reaction from people.

While I try to make a bike repair stand the new, clever Halloween costume, other people are using them to repair their bicycles -- you know, what they’re intended to be used for. Bike work stands have special arms with clamps that hold up your bicycle to make repairing a lot easier, because it holds your bicycle upright for repairs. You could also just use a bicycle work stand to see how fast your wheel spins and then make the robot voice, too.

Anyway back to my awesome bicycle maintenance stand costume, which I know you’re dying to keep reading about, my bike maintenance stand costume was cool because I made each of my arms a different leg like a tripod bike repair stand and my body was the stem of it all -- which totally went unappreciated, but that’s cool. What’s really cool (but not as cool as my costume) is that bicycle repair stands are adjustable and compact for storage, so imagine me wearing my costume and then putting myself into a cabinet -- that’s how great they are.

Also like bicycle working stands, bike truing stands are a certain type of bicycle maintenance stand. Bicycle truing stands straighten up the wheel of your tires, which is a tricky thing to do by yourself, so that’s what makes them really great. But if you’re a super duper tough person, you could prove your strength by straightening your bike tire with you teeth instead of a bike maintenance stance, but please keep a dentist near by.

So, check out the bike repair stands that Moosejaw has to offer, they will make all your bike maintenance projects a breeze. Also, if you notice someone wearing a bike repair stand costume for Halloween, tell them that it’s cool because they probably spent a lot of time on it.




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