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About Bike Frame Bags:

Hello there, if you are on this page then you must really want a nifty bike frame bag for your bicycle. Yeah, I just said nifty, because I’m trying to bring it back. So far, my pursuits have been unsuccessful and everybody thinks I was raised by 20 grandmas.

Anyway, bike frame bags are super convenient for carrying things on your bicycle with easy-access. Bicycle frame bags attach to the stem of your bike frame, so its just under your legs as you ride. That sounds like it would get in the way, but the compact size of the a bike frame bag assures that it won’t. Now, bicycle stem bags are pretty cool because they come in a couple of different styles: some cycling frame bags have mesh tops that magnetically close for easy open-close access; some have zippers for a more secure close; and some have fancy cell-phone pockets that you can carry your carrots in. If you’re super worried that the extra bag on your bike will slow you down while cycling, don’t worry because Moosejaw carries some bike frame bags that are aerodynamically shaped to avoid this very problem.

Well, you can pretty much put anything you want in your bike frame bag. That could be an exaggeration, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Moosejaw has a lot of different sized cycling stem bags, so you can keep trying until you find one that fits your travelling microwave and frozen burritos.




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