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Light and Motion Urban 550 Bike Head Light
$103.99 - $110.99
Reg: $139.99
Up to 26% off
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Light and Motion Urban 200 and Vis 180 Bike Lights
Reg: $119.99
26% off
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Light and Motion Urban 400 Bike Head Light
Reg: $109.99
25% off
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Light and Motion Urban 200 Bike Head Light
Reg: $79.99
26% off
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Light and Motion Vis 360 Bike Tail Light
Reg: $129.99
21% off
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Garmin Edge 500 Bundle
$299.99 - $319.99
Free Shipping
Garmin Edge 500
Free Shipping
Garmin Bike Mount
$13.50 - $14.99
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About Bicycle Electronics:

Have you ever heard the "Only '90s kids will remember...." statements? They're usually said by a 16-year-old born in 1998 with the most basic knowledge of '90s culture. The usual statements consist of "Only '90s kids will remember dial-up internet" or "Only '90s kids will remember the pinball machine game that came standard with all Windows computers" -- pretty much, these statements were dumb and anyone born before 1995 would know them, not just '90s kids.

However, I think what these statements sometimes do is highlight the improvement of technology, though. Now, you no longer have to wait for your mom to be off the phone to use the internet and we have smart phones now to replace any real life friends we have. But, it's also great to see the improvements technology has made on the cycling world. Bicycling electronics have made it incredibly easier for cyclists to go about their commutes due to the advancement of technology. So, to highlight the improvements cycling electronics had on cycling, I will address the following sentences with the common '90s kids sentiment "Never forget":

Never forget when you had to cycle in the dark without a proper source for lighting to see what's in front of you; now, because of bicycle headlights we can now see where you are going. Never forget when pedestrians and motorists behind you couldn't see you properly, we have bicycle tail lights for that now. Never forget cycling maps, because we can just clip a bicycle gps to our bikes now. Also, never forget green ketchup, because that stuff was unnatural. Fin.

I hope that read as a poem because I'm going to present that at my next local poetry slam, it's called "Bicycle Computers"; I really hope I raise the roof with poetry snaps. But anyway point is, because of cycling electronics; we have so many cycling technologies, that our lives have become indefinitely easier. Now, with cycling headlights and cycling tail lights, other cyclists,pedestrians and motorists, can see you better at night. Cyclists now can clip a cycling gps to their handlebars, so they never get lost or can find the nearest fast food joint. Whatever you want to use bike computers for, at Moosejaw we carry all these bike electronics and more, so you can be apart of the miracle of modern technology. Welcome, but also #neverforget.




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