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Fjallraven Kanken Backpack
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Arcteryx Arro 22 Backpack
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Arcteryx Astri 19 Pack
- $148.95
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Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack
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The North Face Surge II
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The North Face Women's Surge II
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Arcteryx Blade 24 Pack
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Arcteryx Lunara 10 Bag
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Fjallraven Kanken 15 Backpack
- $109.95
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The North Face Router
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Fjallraven Foldsack No. 1
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Arcteryx Blade 30 Pack
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Timbuk2 Commute
- $119.00
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Gregory Border 25
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Gregory Sketch 15 Bag
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About Bike Bags:

Could you imagine not having any room to store things. Where would you even put everything? All your stuff would just be left out in the open, hoarded into open spaces, subject to the elements. Good thing is that we have storage containers available to us, but my grandma has conveniently sidelined that information. Going to my grandma's house is an adventure to say the least, because she uses any not-used container as storage; you will never know what's real anymore. Open up the cream cheese package and it's actually peppers. Spot a tin cookie container, ready to feast on chocolate chip deliciousness and it's actually sewing needles and string. Opening up any box at my grandma's house is nothing but disappointment and sadness.

Well, fortunately here at Moosejaw we have bike bags for storage that actually meant for bike storage. Of course, you could put whatever you want in bicycle bags, but for the sake of being a cyclist we'll talk about cycling stuff. All types of bicycle bags are suited to fit and hold different things. Let's take bicycle saddle bags, which are smaller bike bags attached to the bottom of your bike seat. Bike saddle bags typically hold small items such as food, tool kits and first aid, so that you have easy access while riding.

Now, if want more storage than what a saddle bike bag allows then let me tell you about bike handlebar bags. Cycling handlebar bags attach to your handlebars and are a little larger from more storage. I like to think that bike handlebar bags hold more food, than just bike saddle bags, so you've got me sold there. Plus, many of the cycling handlebar bags Moosejaw carries are waterproof, so your food won't get soggy.

But if you're thinking you still want a lot more storage, than you should definitely go for bicycle pannier bags -- these are large bags made to be attached to your front or back bicycle wheel. Bike pannier bags are a commuter cyclist's dream because they are large enough to carry anything from laptops, groceries, and a change of clothes. You shouldn't fill your cycling pannier bag too much though, unless you want to be pulling involuntary wheelies while you ride, which would actually be cool so you should.

So, if you're looking for some bike bags from dependable companies in the industry than you should check out Moosejaw's selection. Moosejaw carries many cycling bags that will suit all your storage needs from small to large, especially since a lot of them coming with internal pockets, too. Of course, you can be like my grandma and use all this bike storage to hold like cat food or pickles, if you want.




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