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Icebreaker sent us their Tech T Lite to try out. We put it through a number of scientific and rigorous tests to see how the tee performed.

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No. 1 Smelly Stuff
The Smelly Stuff Test

According to our research the Tech T Lite is made with merino wool, which has natural odor resistant properties. We gathered our cohorts and concluded that pickle juice is the most pungent odor that you are likely to encounter while wearing this tee. We commenced our test by showering the Test Subject in pickle juice and found that the odor lingered strongly on the subject, but the Tech T Lite was practically odor-free. If the Tech T Lite can resist pungent pickle juice, it's sure to smell fresh even after several wears. In addition, this directly correlates with a decrease in laundry time. Your mother will thank you.

No. 2 Red Rover
The Red Rover Test

Next we wanted to test the Tech T Lite's breathability and moisture wicking attributes. Since 1937 the scientific community has used the Red Rover Test to measure moisture vapor transmission. In our experiment we used a traditional Gi and a Union suit as our competing variables. The test results were conclusive. The Tech T Lite proved to be the most efficient at absorbing moisture vapor and moving it away from the test subject's skin, which allowed him to finally break through the Red Rover Chain.

No. 3 Tech Savvy
The Tech Savvy Test

With a name like Tech T, we hypothesized that this tee would have superior computer technical skills. We put the tee to the test with any IT Professional's nightmare; the "blue screen of death". We were amazed when our hypothesis proved to be futile, as the tee had no effect on the laptop's malfunction. The Tech T Lite by Icebreaker is sure to keep you cool, comfortable and smelling fresh, but don't count on it to be of any use when you crash your hard drive by downloading too many animated hippo GIFs.

In conclusion, whether you're looking for a technical tee to layer or stand alone, we're officially recommending the Icebreaker Tech T Lite.

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