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Since I'm pretty important here at Moosejaw, I'm going to make a proclamation where today is officially Winter Pants Day. We'll probably end up abbreviating it to WPD, because we tend to abbreviate everything. I think everybody thinks it makes us more efficient to just abbreviate everything, because we don't have to use whole words, but sometimes it gets really confusing and more trouble than it's worth. Like, the guy who sits across from me was like "HDYWTGOAGL", and I had to look that up in the official acronym handbook. I think I'd get in trouble if I told you what it meant.

Anyway, since it's official Winter Pants Day, and because I don't have much time because I need to add the new acronym to the handbook, I'm going to tell you real quick about the different kinds of winter pants and the different ways you can wear them. I guess you can only wear them one way, on your legs, but I meant the different winter sports you can do while wearing them. So listen up. Or don't.
Insulated Pants: All the best things Insulated pants are totally among my favorite insulated things. Insulation is pretty important, especially when it's super cold. I think the one thing I really hate is when it's cold and windy and I'm walking outside and my thighs get cold through my jeans. That's the worst. I think I'm going to wear insulated snow pants every day all winter. I was thinking about getting one of those big puffy snow suits like I had when I was a kid..

Anyway. I think the winter pants I'll wear are The North Face Freedom Pant. They make them for men, women, boys, and girls, so everyone can be warm. The Freedom Pant is basically the go-to winter pant for snowsports like skiing, snowboarding, and snow fort building. They've got Heatseeker Eco insulation and a 2-layer Hyvent waterproof shell. Plus, they've got other sweet features like a chimney venting system, reinforced cuffs, and cargo pockets. These ski pants will make you want to brave the winter weather more often, whether it's riding down the mountain or shoveling the driveway.

Basically, my boss wants me to tell you that there are a bunch of kinds of insulated winter pants: ski pants, snowboard pants, and technical insulated pants. Ski pants are for skiing. You probably could have guessed that. Snowboard pants are for snowboarding. See where this is going? Technical pants aren't for technicaling, though. They're for activities like alpine climbing and fast and light cold weather trekking where you need an insulated pant that's light enough that it won't slow you down.

Waterproof Pants: Having your pants be waterproof is pretty important when you're dealing with wet snow conditions. Seriously, if you get wet you get cold pretty fast. True story. Anyway, check out waterproof winter pants made with serious hydrophobic materials like Gore-Tex. That's right, I said Gore-Tex. By my count right now, we've got a ton styles of Gore-Tex waterproof pants from sweet brands like Arc'teryx, The North Face, Marmot, Outdoor Research, and Mountain Hardwear.

First off, there are waterproof ski pants, which are pretty sweet paired with a good baselayer when you're skiing. These waterproof pants obviously keep the water out using waterproof fabrics and taped seams, but they're also breathable and move with you when you're attacking a slope. For snowboarding, check out waterproof snowboarding pants. They've got a relaxed, articulated fit that provides extra mobility for big-mountain riding.

For fast and light trips, nothing beats a pair of technical waterproof pants. Arc'teryx and Mountain Hardwear make some pretty sweet hardshell pants for alpine and ice climbing. These pants feature strong, but light weight no-nonsense fabrics and are fully articulated for maximum range of motion. If you need really super light pants, check out a pair of rain pants, and match them with a comfy, insulating baselayer.

Softshell Pants: So, here's the deal with softshell pants: they're pretty awesome. They're so awesome because they are built with wind and water resistant fabrics that help keep you warm and dry, even in wet snow conditions. They're also awesome because the stretch woven fabric has a lot of give, so you can rock your softshell pants with a trimmer fit and not have to sacrifice range of motion.

Climbers and other outdoor athletes will really appreciate the flexibility of a softshell pant. While they're not fully waterproof, a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) treatment easily sheds snow and moisture. Wear softshell pants over a baselayer, and they provide stellar cold weather protection for backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing or anywhere you encounter windy, wet, and cold conditions.

Unlike soft shell crabs, soft shell pants don't emerge out of hard shell pants. However, like soft shell crabs, they are delicious when battered and deep-fried. Just kidding, they're probably kinda gross. Anyway, if you're totally into the whole extra mobility water and wind resistant thing, you're totally going to want to check out Arc'teryx softshell pants, like the Gamma MX. They're made with Schoeller Dynamic fabric that makes them extra special. Maybe even magical.

Sweet Winter Pants Brands

The North Face Winter Pants The North Face pants have a tendancy to be pretty awesome. And by pretty I mean totally. Extra warmth or days when you're doing less aerobic activities in the freezing cold, check out The North Face Insulated Pants. The North Face Softshell Pants will keep the water out and block out the wind without limiting your range of motion: they're so cool. Patagonia Winter Pants Patagonia pants are all the rage with the cool kids. They're like the next big thing, or NBG for short. Check out Patagonia Ski Pants or Patagonia Softshell Pants like the Simple Guides or Alpine Guides before your next day on the mountain. Patagonia softshell pants offer flexibility and durability for backcountry skiing, ice climbing, and snowshoeing.
Arcteryx Winter Pants Arc'teryx isn't for the faint of heart. The name is synonymous with quality, and people will know you came prepared when you show up in your Arc'teryx Pants. Arc'teryx Waterproof Pants, like the Beta AR Pants, offer premiere protection and are Gore-tex equipped. Arc'teryx also has some bombproof insulated pants. Not literally bombproof. Please don't touch bombs. Mountain Hardwear Winter Pants Mountain Hardwear Pants are one of the most amazing things that have ever happened on the planet. The cools are all wearing Mountain Hardwear Softshell Pants that block wind and moisture while ice climbing and downhill lunch tray racing. If you want radical waterproofness, check out Mountain Hardwear Hard Shell Pants, like the Escape Pant made with Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric and lots and lots of love.

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