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All pants are not created equal. Some important guy said something like that one time, right? Hmm. Anyway, just as important as that quotable dude and his fancy quotes are, winter pants could be the most important part of your arctic wardrobe. Though the road towards your perfect pair of winter pants may seem oddly bewildering (pants shopping makes us nervous) luckily for you, we've done our pants homework. Did a little extra credit, too. We overachieve sometimes. Sometimes.

What makes winter pants so different from regular pants? Surely you can just declare your trusty pair of jeans to be alpine-friendly, right? Not so fast, Denim Dan. The right type of winter pants will dictate your level of polar performance, with the best brands and technologies helping you to tackle the elements in a way you've never dreamed of before. Unless you regularly dream about exceeding your limitations in a brisk winter landscape, which, you know, is pretty cool.

So trust us. Your legs are in good hands. Wait. That came out wrong. I mean your legs are in the good hands of the people who make great winter pants. No, wait. I mean we have great pants for you. No one here is touching your legs.


Insulated Pants

Insulated Winter Pant
Insulated Pants: You may not be aware of it, but insulation is all around you. That pink cotton candy lookin' stuff that's stuck in your wall and lining your creepy, scary attic? That's insulation, and you probably shouldn't eat it. Not that we've ever eaten it, but a friend of ours did one time. One time.

Even though insulation is all around you (we just said that, remember?) it's not always on you. The standard, everyday wardrobe isn't great at holding in heat, so grabbing a great pair of insulated winter cold weather pants can be incredibly helpful in keeping you nice and toasty while braving the coldest of cold weather. Besides, who doesn't want to wear warm pants regardless of the weather around you?

Basically, my boss wants me to tell you that there are a bunch of kinds of insulated winter pants: ski pants, snowboard pants, and technical insulated pants. Ski pants are for skiing. You probably could have guessed that. Snowboard pants are for snowboarding. See where this is going? Technical pants aren't for technicaling, though. They're for activities like alpine climbing and fast and light cold weather trekking where you need an insulated pant that's light enough that it won't slow you down.

Thermogreen insulation! 100% waterproof and breathable materials! Performance Standard 2-layer shells with mini herringbone polyester fabric in the best winter pants! What the heck are we talking about?! These are some of the wonderful, patented technologies that you have to look forward to when you get yourself into a new pair of insulated winter pants. These are some of the best outdoor brands in the world, and they don't simply place wads of that pink fiberglass stuff down a pair of trousers to try and keep you warm. They have real-life scientists working on this stuff.

Whether you're planning on crafting your own grand, alpine adventure or simply making snow angels for hours (and hours and hours and hours���), you shouldn't have to worry about unbearable coldness. Quality insulation built by your favorite brands, ensuring a warm and toasty journey wherever you may go, from mountain top to backyard snowball fight. Grab some winter hiking pants and get your voyage on.


Waterproof Pants

Hard Shell Pants
Waterproof Pants: Try as you might, but inevitably your epic winter experience is sure to be full of pesky, freezing h2o. Sure, water is our life force, we need it to survive, we're basically made of this stuff, but it sure can be a real pain, right? Especially if you're trying to do that whole keep-yourself-warm thing, and that whole not-get-wet thing.

We know what you're thinking: There's no way they could possibly provide an incredible level of fancy pants waterproofing without making these winter pants uncomfortable or unwieldy or oddly gross smelling. Luckily for you and for all within sniffing distance, you don't have to sacrifice comfort (or your nasal glands) to reap the sweet, sweet waterproof benefits.

Here, you'll be able to find an awful lot of GORE-TEX, that wonderful, magical waterproof fabric substance that helps keep you nice and dry. Is GORE-TEX man-made? Was it scraped off the exterior of a wayward asteroid, composed of crazy alien wizardry? It doesn't really matter, as this, along with a number of other handy technologies, will help make sure you stay as dry as humanly possible. Your totally not-soaked legs will thank you.

These are waterproof pants, for men, women and kids alike. They're sure to fit you well for your wintery ski trips, alpine hike adventures or those times you want to tear it up fully-clothed in a wave pool. This collection will present you an assortment of some of the best waterproof pants you can get yourself into.


Softshell Pants

Hard Shell Pants
Softshell Pants: No matter what you end up getting yourself into out there, be it breakneck speeds while snowboarding, rappelling down the side of a steep cliff side, or crushing it during an all-night polar badminton tournament, you can't be held down by bulky outerwear. Flexibility and maneuverability should go hand in hand, but this question is always asked: Aren't I doomed to a life of wearing massive, clumsy winter pants in order to stay warm? Well no, you aren't, and stop asking if you're doomed. It's a bit overdramatic.

Winter softshell pants are the answer to your unbearable dilemma, bringing you the ability to be as spry and agile as possible without compromising your ability to fight the elements. Made of a special woven fabric built to match your extended range of motion, the sweet, sweet action poses you insist on busting out down the slope will look better than ever. Softshell pants are built to provide your first level of defense against moisture, working well at breaking up wind and whatever other backcountry forces you come across out there.

Never think you have to bulk up before you get out there, as the days of limited arctic mobility are behind us. Skip the snow pants and pick from some of the best softshell pants around. And here they are, curated specifically for you. Yeah, you.



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