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Winter Jackets


You can't be kept from trekking through the brisk, arctic landscape, so you had better be prepared. Even if your schedule is a little less daunting than that (a short jog to a snowy mailbox, perhaps?), gearing up for winter weather shouldn't be a chore. And maybe you just aren't sure what jacket is the perfect fit for your frosty escapades. Let Moosejaw help guide you towards premium polar protection, as we have the best cold weather brands in the world at our disposal. They're ready to shield you from the sharp, stinging outdoor elements, and help keep you toasty warm.

But don't assume that these jackets are all function and no form. Keeping warm is as important as looking good, and we aren't about to sleep on you fashionistas out there. What's a fashionista, besides something we literally just overheard on E! Entertainment Television? From what we can gather, they have an unbeatable passion for a great look, coupled with a drive to be the best in any situation. That's something we can get behind here at Moosejaw.

Maybe the only thing on your mind is finding the most rugged coat in existence, less concerned with the aesthetic bells and whistles. First, none of our jackets are outfitted with actual bells and whistles (stop requesting this, please) and secondly, we have what you brave alpine explorers have been searching for. The perfect winter jacket for you, ready for whatever your adventure may be. Even if you're just grabbing the mail.


Down Jackets & Insulated Jackets

Down Jackets
Down Jackets: Down jackets are no joke. Sure, some of the first coats, made with down, to hit the market were super puffy and made everyone look like the Michelin Man. However, we've come a long way from those days. You can now get some really fashionable down jackets that hug your body, giving that athletic look. Okay, that's all great and whatever, but what are the actual benefits of a down jacket, is probably what you're wondering?

Down is the best source of insulation that we have ever found in nature. When a coat is filled with down, the feathers work to trap and retain your body heat, thus keeping you super warm on those cold days. Down is also extremely lightweight, and is super compressible. That's why you see so many hikers, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts wearing down jackets. They are able to compress the jacket down to a very small size and keep it stored in a stuff sack until they need it. All without adding much weight, or taking up too much space in their pack. The only problem I really have with down is that if it gets wet, it's ability to retain heat and trap warmth is really hindered until it dries out. If you're going to be in wet conditions, I would probably suggest rocking a synthetic insulation.

Synthetic Insulation Jackets: Synthetic insulation is technology's version of down, and is for sure one of the most popular types of jackets used for winter wear and cold weather. There are plenty of different types of synthetic insulation out there, and all try to recreate the effect of down. Synthetic insulation works by trapping and retaining the body heat that is trying to escape from your body. The main benefit of a coat that uses a synthetic insulation is that it will almost always be less expensive that it's down insulated counter-part. Another major benefit is that if a synthetic insulation gets wet, it will still work to retain heat and keep you warm. As for the downside, synthetics are often less compressible than down, and also a little heavier. If you're looking for a solid winter jacket for everyday use, I have no problem suggesting a coat using synthetic insulation.

Casual Winter Jackets: Casual winter jackets will usually be found using materials like synthetic insulation, or a thick wool to trap your body heat and keep you nice and cozy. Usually, your best bet with a nice casual jacket is to find one in a style and cool color that you really like. Many of these coats won't have all the bells and whistles that you'll see on some of the more technical jackets, but that's totally cool because if you're looking for that go-to everyday use jacket, you probably won't need a bunch of fancy features. All you'll need is to make sure that you match one of the jacket's secondary colors to your eyes. If you pay attention to anything that I'm writing here, you pay attention to this. It is always, always important to bring out the color of your eyes. It is a proven fact that drawing focus to your eyes is the best way to attract a mate. Or maybe that was drawing attention to your butt?... Might as well go for both.


Hard Shell &
Softshell Jackets

Shell Jackets
Softshell Jackets: You know, my favorite style jacket is for sure the softshell jacket. Why's that? Let me tell you why. Although soft shell jackets may look simple, they can actually be pretty complex. Most are going to be windproof, or at least very wind resistant. That's super nice for you college students who have to walk across campus, in the winter, between every class. Also, most softshell jackets will have some sort of fleece-lined interior. That totally helps to keep you warm by trapping that escaping body heat. One of my other favorite features is that these coats tend to be form-fitting, and less bulky than other winter jackets, which is great for those of you who still want or need that freedom of movement. Softshell jackets also are usually very water-resistant, if not waterproof, so if you get stuck out in the rain for a bit, the DWR coating on the soft shell will help to repel the water from actually penetrating the fabric. The softshell jacket is my go-to for fall, winter and spring. Personally, I like to wear mine anywhere between about 30-60 degrees. Obviously, as the temperature drops, you'll want to layer properly underneath one of these bad boys.

Hard Shell Jackets: Hard shell jackets are where it's all at. Worn as the outer-most layer of your layering system, a good hard shell will most likely be waterproof and windproof, keeping your body safe from the elements and nice and warm. Spend some time at any ski slope. That's just some advice. I love skiing, and you would too, if you try it. Or you'll like snowboarding. That's cool too. What I was saying though is that if you check out the local ski scene, you'll be sure to see a majority of the people rocking a hard shell jacket. That's probably why most hard shell include a spray skirt, to make sure you don't get any of that fresh powder up your back or down your pants. Usually being waterproof, or at least very water resistant, hard shells are always nice to have in a rain storm. In fact, I don't keep an umbrella in my car. I keep my hard shell jacket. That way, if it's raining, I simply put the jacket on, put the hood up, and I'm then even protected from that sideways rain that the umbrella can't even help with. A solid hardshell jacket is never a bad investment. Never.



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