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Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience in your field of study. And I'm not just saying that because we want you to work for us for free. There are so many famous interns who have paved the way for the students of today. Just think Steven Spielberg, Oprah, and Bill Gates all started out as interns. I can just imagine how much better off they could have been with a Moosejaw internship under their belt.

To work at Moosejaw, you've gotta have a decent sense of humor and an enthusiastic attitude. Knowledge of outdoor apparel and equipment is a big plus.

Why you should intern with Moosejaw: I'll make this decision supes easy for you

  • Real world experience. Not to be confused with MTV's version.
  • No coffee runs. Only because your supervisors would get in big trouble. Especially if I didn't get any of the said coffee.
  • Flexible hours. We will work with your schedule. Easy peasy.
  • Fun. Fun. More fun. I think you get the idea.
  • Casual dress code. We're a jeans and sneakers kind of company.
  • Very casual. If you dressed up every day, it would freak everyone out.
  • Amazing discounts on outdoor apparel, gear and MJ products. You'll get the hook up.
  • Oh and some team bonding. We're like one big happy family.
  • Karaoke. Dogs. Free beer Friday's. Roof-top parties. LOVE THE MADNESS

2014 Fall Internships Offered at Moosejaw's Headquarters

We're looking for awesome interns who Love the Madness, heart outdoor gear & apparel and are just really interested in gaining a ton of hands-on experience over the fall. Our interns are like sponge-like sea anemones who just absorb knowledge and stuff. Especially stuff.

Our internships are based out of our HQ in Madison Heights, Michigan and are unpaid. I'm going to say that again in case you missed it: our internships are unpaid. Sorry. If you want to intern for us, you've got to be an active college student (you won't be considered if you've already graduated). We're also looking for a 16-24 hour/week time commitment, but the schedule and length of the internship are totally flexible. Students must be able to receive college credit or provide documentation of the educational benefit of their specific internship experience.

There's a bunch of other stuff we look for in our interns. Since it applies to each and every internship we offer, we'll just include the deets here. Okay, here goes. Proficiency in Excel. Killer problem solving, project management and organizational skills. Self-motivation and ability to think in out-of-the-box terms to formulate new and creative ways of doing things. And last, but certainly not least, must have a strong affinity for the Moosejaw brand, Love the Madness and embrace the Moosejaw culture.

Moosejaw Fall 2014 Internships (click to view posting details)


Buying Internship, Outdoor Gear

This intern will assist our gear buyers with their data entry and administrative needs. Basically, our gear buyers buy sweet stuff. They buy things like sleeping bags, tents, packs, travel, climbing, stoves/filters/cookware, roof racks, snowshoes, and accessories (food, first aid, compasses, knives, trekking poles, etc.). Plus a lot of other stuff. I'm not going to list all of the other stuff because I want you use your imagination.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Creating templates in "buyer order upload" format for upcoming seasons
  • Creating replenishment assortment templates
  • Creating and updating vendor contact spreadsheets
  • Submitting approved orders to vendors and un-submitting in Moosejaw's web-based system
  • Following up on and tracking previously placed orders
  • Checking vendor confirmations for accuracy and emailing buyers any discrepancies
  • Checking on backorders and updating buyers via email
  • Verifying the accuracy of product information on Moosejaw's website
  • Checking vendor websites for link and buy-now functionality
  • Analyzing the competitive marketplace, including monitoring competitor and vendor websites

Internship Requirements:
Outdoor lovas please apply. Total make-out style. Product knowledge is key. Plus you should have an interest in pursuing a purchasing-related career.

How to Apply:
Email your resume to Write Buying Internship in the subject line of your email. I hate quotation marks.


Copywriting Internship

This person will assist our internet marketing team with developing relevant and effective content throughout To be good at this, you should probably have an insane passion for writing copy. Like such insane passion that it'll creep out your desk neighbors as they envision you making out with the written word.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Creating, editing, and proofing relevant and unique content for
  • Assisting with content creation to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including developing
  • Keyword lists and implementing keywords into original copy
  • Communicating with supervisors to ensure copy is on brand
  • Assisting the internet marketing team with executing new content strategies and seasonal updates
  • Becoming familiar with search engine rankings and best practices for improving natural search traffic
  • Analyzing the competitive marketplace, including monitoring competitor websites and promotions to recommend areas of improvement for

Internship Requirements:
The copywriter intern must have super impressive spelling and grammar skills and totally fancy creative thinking skills. Experience with Google Adwords and other keyword tools, HTML and other web development coding, web analytics terminology, capabilities and reporting, along with an understanding and knowledge of outdoor and adventure sports is preferred, but not required.

How to Apply:
Email your resume and 2 short writing samples to Make sure you write Copywriting Internship in the subject line of your email so we know what you're applying for.


Graphic Design Internship

This intern will get to experience working on a strong brand and creating new and game-changing things in the name of making retail fun.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Designing web graphics, t-shirt graphics, print collateral and any other design stuff we can throw at you
  • Assisting with any photo retouching for web and print work
  • Working with the marketing team in brainstorming sessions and soup-offs
  • Proofreading and verifying product info for catalogs and web content
  • Assisting in photo-shoots, which may require some traveling around town

Internship Requirements:
The graphic design intern must be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and have a general working knowledge of MS Excel. Illustration skills, experience with social media outlets and other great things like being an amazing baker or a world class bocce ball champ are a bonus and will only make us like you more. Coursework in graphic design or advertising is required.

How to Apply:
Email your resume and a link to your portfolio to and please let us know which internship you're applying for in the subject line of your email.


Human Resources Internship

This intern will assist our HR Coordinator with daily tasks, plus have a big focus on Moosejaw's holiday recruitment process. It's a great way to get hands-on HR experience in a retail/e-commerce environment. This will probably be the coolest internship you'll ever have according to the owner's mom.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assisting with Moosejaw's holiday recruitment process, including posting job openings, assisting with the implementation of a job fair, partaking in on-campus recruiting at local colleges, interviewing candidates, tracking applicants and participating in internet staffing meetings.
  • Assisting with all functions of the HR software system, including data entry and reporting
  • Preparing and administering new hire paperwork
  • Creating and maintaining employee files
  • Performing criminal background checks
  • Reviewing staff punches and labor time for accuracy
  • Researching governmental regulations and industry topics
  • Assisting the Human Resources Coordinator with benefit administration, worker's compensation, unemployment claims, and COBRA administration
  • Completing special projects as assigned

Internship Requirements:
The HR intern must be in an HR-related degree program and have a basic understanding of human resources. The HR intern must be friendly and approachable, as well as view human resources as a subset of customer service.

How to Apply:
Email your resume to Please write HR in the subject line of your email so we know what you’re applying for. HR probably stands for haiku roundtable. Very poetic.


Moosejaw Private Label Internship

The Moosejaw private label intern is responsible for assisting with the product development, importing operations and quality control of the Moosejaw brand apparel and accessories lines. The word bran is so close to brand that they're practically neighbors. Like bran muffin would totally live in the same cul-de-sac as brand production. They'd join in a neighborhood brown-food-only potluck and would hang at their other neighbor's pool. Except bran only sunbathes so as not to get soggy.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Assisting with day-to-day correspondence with factories, agents and logistical teams regarding
  • Moosejaw private label products and orders
  • Assisting with quality control issues, product assortment and color decisions
  • Ensuring that Moosejaw private label products are photographed and updated on Moosejaw's website with accurate accompanying information (size sets, descriptions, fabric content)
  • Organizing and cataloging private label samples, as well as past and current collection prototypes
  • Assisting with private label data entry related to purchase orders and tracking
  • Analyzing the competitive marketplace, including monitoring competitor and vendor websites
  • This bullet point isn't all that notable but at least it makes this section relatively long and it's important to take up space

Internship Requirements:
Must be a little bit familiar with our private label. Coursework in a design, merchandising or a related field is preferred.

How to Apply:
Email your resume to and please let us know which internship you're applying for in the subject line of your email.


Search Marketing Internship

This person will assist our internet marketing team with developing paid search keyword lists, helping perform gap analysis for Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter accounts, and telling bad jokes. Not the inappropriate kind. Just the kind that are met with silence and sadness.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Developing keyword lists for new products for sale on
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in current keyword coverage
  • Using Search Query Reports to help reduce irrelevant impressions on Moosejaw's paid search ads
  • Developing paid search ad copy, and ad copy testing scenarios
  • Becoming familiar with paid search best practices regarding keyword selection, account structuring, ad copy, bidding, and analysis
  • Analyzing the competitive marketplace, including monitoring competitors' search results, to recommend areas of improvement for

Internship Requirements:
We'd love the search marketing intern to be familiar with paid search as an online marketing channel and have a desire to learn even more. Hands-on experience with Google Adwords and Google Analytics is definitely a plus. Being a Microsoft Excel wiz is a double plus.

How to Apply:
Email your resume to and please let us know which internship you're applying for in the subject line of your email.


Video Production Intern

This intern will assist the Video Production Coordinator with creating and producing product videos and Moosejaw brand video content. The intern will experience working in a collaborative environment, taking an idea from conception to implementation, and learning how to create videos in an efficient and timely manner. Also, they'll probably improve their ping pong skills.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Brainstorming ideas for product videos
  • Assisting in layout and conceptualization of videos
  • Assisting in operation of camera, lights, and audio equipment
  • Aiding in the editing process
  • Completing special projects as assigned

Internship Requirements:
Looking for a creative soul who loves making videos. Must have some experience with DSLR cameras, lighting and sound equipment. Must have an off-the-chart energy level, a fondness for the outdoors, and most importantly, formidable ping pong skills.

How to Apply:
Email your resume to and please let us know which internship you're applying for in the subject line of your email.


Web Content Internship

This internship involves gathering and updating product and madness content on

Responsibilities Include:

  • Enhancing existing product description features and specifications
  • Adding and updating keyword data for product comparison tool and search result filtering features
  • Auditing and updating warranty information for the brands we carry
  • Competitive analysis of product page content to find and execute areas for improvement
  • Updating and building HTML size guides
  • Gathering and uploading video content for products and brands
  • Writing copy for key styles and brands

Internship Requirements:
The web content intern should have basic knowledge of HTML, as well as a basic understanding of the outdoor industry, outdoor activities and the products we carry on I'm sure you think this section is all about basics. You're wrong because you'll also need more-than-basic, super insane organizational skills and attention to detail. Plus really good writing skills with the ability to translate product technologies and information into decent copy.

How to Apply:
Email your resume to If you've learned nothing else from reading all of these internship postings, I hope you take away the importance of an email subject line. That's all.



Testimonials from Real Moosejaw Interns. Pinky swear, we made none of this up.

Moosejaw soccer game. My team lost.

“My greatest non-technical take-away from MJ is that cool workplaces do exist and MJ is an extraordinary example of it. My fate is not destined for a dreary office in the IT dungeon of some huge business, but I can work in a fun-loving, relaxed environment with awesome people, selling awesome products.” – IT intern

We planted some trees. I was amazing with a pick axe.

“I truly learned what it would be like to be a buyer and assistant buyer in this industry. By doing this internship, I wanted to make sure that what I aspire to be (a buyer) is truly what I want. Before this internship, I had no idea what being a buyer was all about. By seeing the team in action while I was here, has made me that much more motivated to reach for my dreams and land my dream job.” – Buying intern

So weird

“I definitely learned a lot about what it takes to run an internet retail business. It was very interesting to be involved in the process of getting just one product on the site: what it took and how many people contributed, etc. I liked understanding what every department did and their importance, too. I had never really worked in a retail environment before, or written for retail, so the hands-on education I received was great.” – Web Content Copywriter intern

The Moosejaw kickball team.

“My greatest take-away was that I can actually have fun while working. Over the past few months I have learned so much about Moosejaw and the field in which I want to go into (marketing, social media, content writing, etc). There was never a Friday that rolled around that I wasn’t super excited to come into the office.” – Marketing intern


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