This year, MMB (My Mean Boss) asked me to create a Holiday Gift Guide to help our custies pick out the best gifts for impressing cockatoos. If you haven't noticed, we carry a ton of apparel and gear for activities like backpacking, camping, climbing, skiing, and pretty much every other outdoor sport you can think of. That's a bunch of stuff, and lets be real, I'm way too lazy to do all that work. Plus, there's a hammock in the corner that's calling my name.

So instead, we decided to ask our custies for their favorite holiday gift ideas. We took those ideas and created this decent holiday gift guide. It was so much easier than doing all that market research mumbo-jumbo they teach in those fancy business schools. Whatever those are.

Under $10: Looking for some stocking stuffers? The under $10 price point is full of great gifts, like hand warmers and bandanas. Be sure to check out the Thingamajig. I know one side opens bottles, but I'm not sure what the other side is for.

Under $25: I know your mom is hassling you to put some thought into a gift for your annoying little brother. Although he loved the economy-sized pack of instant noodles you got him last year, for under $25 you can get him a sweet beanie or maybe an emergency first aid kit. Lets be honest, he'll get more use out of the first aid kit. Don't forget to check out the headlamps and lights you can get too. Those will be sure to keep little Tommy out all night searching for those snow snakes you told him about.

Under $50: Looking to make an impression on the cute guy or girl at the office that you always catch eyes with? You've come to the right place. For less than 50 bucks you can score that first date with a cool scarf or a pair of comfy gloves. Or be bold, and pick up a set of speakers and play her favorite jams. Entice her back to your place with the promise of the "best grilled cheese ever" made on a camping stove. Then, send her home in the morning wearing a new hoody and super comfy sweatpants.

Under $75: Welcome to the home of all the best gear for those truly outdoorsy folks. Here, you'll find the gear every outdoorsman wants, but never buys themselves. Be sure to check out the trekking poles, campfire chair, or one of those hammocks you see at every campground - and all for less than $75.

Under $100: Perhaps you're feeling a bit feistier. Go ahead and spoil yourself. Grab that new hoodie or jacket. Be sure to pair those with a new watch and pair of goggles. - just make sure they all match your eyes. Supes important.

Under $200: Your mom and dad have done a lot for you. It's not their fault that their total lack of what's happenin' is cripplingly awkward. So do your offspring duty and increase their cool with a cozy fleece or softshell jacket. It's time to politely, but forcefully tell your dad that "swag" is not an acceptable form of vernacular. At least check out a new hiking pack for that vacation your mom is always going on about. I mean, anything is better than that fanny pack you know she'll wear. Ugh… The worst.

Over $500: That's it - it's time to bring out the big guns. Surprise that special someone with a shiny new tent or kayak for the two of you to share. Maybe a watch that can record GPS location is something is something you're thinking will really bring your relationship to the next level? Yeah, that won't be creepy at all.

If you're actually still reading this, I'm supes sorry. My boss never proofreads this far, so I just wrote a bunch of words to make it look like I did more work than I had to. You should probs scroll back up the page and check out the gifts suggested by our favorite custies.


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