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1755 29th Street, Unit 1092
Boulder, CO 80301
(720) 452-2432

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Paul Pickell
Store Manager, Kansas City
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I am originally from the small country town north of Detroit. A simple town of simple stock. I found Moosejaw in the fall months of Ought five. Since then I have been on several adventures with Moosejaw. Outside of Moosejaw I have been a "alpine ski coach", a "rock climber", a "backpacker", an all around "outdoorsman". My favorite saying is "it is what it is". My favorite color is blue (like my eyes). My favorite pizza topping is sauce. I keeps it simple. Please like me.....or don't.

Get to know Moosejaw, Boulder

Our Moosejaw shop in Boulder is located at 1755 29th Street. The entire company was super excited when we heard the announcement that we were opening a shop in Boulder. Mountains! Fourteeners! Breweries! Is there a more awkward word to enunciate than "brewery?" Also, how about "comfortable?" That's probably why they fill breweries with heavy equipment and machinery so it doesn't give off a comfortable vibe. That way the two words will never have to be spoken together. Instead everybody will talk about uncomfortable breweries... crisis averted. So stop at pretty much any building in Boulder, pick up a beer, then head over to our Moosejaw shop and check out our wide selection of gear, apparel, and footwear. It wouldn't hurt to bring our shop staff a beer either or at least a slice of pizza from the California Pizza Kitchen right down the road.
The goods are coming. Stay tuned.
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Check back soon for some upcoming events.

If you live in Boulder, you probably have at least 6 or 7 jackets by now. Me? I have approximately 16. Just because. Anyway, I got each and every one of them at our Moosejaw shop in Boulder. They have a huge selection of name brand jackets that are supes cool like Arc'teryx, Patagonia, and The North Face. From waterproof shells to lightweight fleeces, the shop in Boulder has it all. Including the new down coat I got for skiing at Eldora Mountain. It just occurred to me, I wonder if my new girlfriend likes jackets as much as I do. I'll get back to you and let you know.

Canada Goose Arc'teryx Fjallraven Mammut
I've noticed a lot of different styles of shoes when I visited Boulder. Everyone wears something a little different. Some wear plain flip-flops, others wear bedazzled ones. Some wear walking shoes, others wear biking shoes. Needless to say, I could go on for about the next 20 minutes talking about the different types of shoes you people in Boulder wear. Luckily, at our Moosejaw shop we have a wide variety of types and brands of shoes like Chaco Sandals, Merrell Shoes, and Vibram Five Fingers. With these fancy types of footwear, we also can supply you with socks so your feet don't start to sweat and stink up your new shoes when you go to Valmont Park. There's nothing better than a nice pair of socks... possible exception: bottomless waffle bar.

Merrell Sanuk Chaco La Sportiva
Climbing is huge in Colorado. Well, why wouldn't it be? There are about a bazillion different things to climb around Boulder. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes things in Boulder sound more interesting. Moosejaw has a huge selection of climbing gear from the best brands like Black Diamond, Metolius, and Petzl. Carabines, belay devices, chalk bags, and all the necessities for your climb. Head over to The Spot and try out your new gear. Be sure to ask one of our shop employees if you have any questions, they will probably give you a long list of what they had for breakfast, but don't worry, they will get around to answering any questions you have.

Black Diamond Sterling Petzl Metolius
I hiked the trail at Chautauqua recently. I asked about 27 times how to pronounce Chautauqua and I still can't remember how to say it. Anyways, for hiking the trails, our Moosejaw shop in Boulder is home to some of the most awesome backpacks you have ever laid your eyes on. Brands like Camelbak, Osprey, and The North Face are just a few of the brands we carry. The variety of colors and sizes along with the different styles and types are all available at your Moosejaw shop. Ask a shop employee if you need help, they know a lot about backpacks. I taught them everything they know. You can thank me later.

The North Face Osprey Arc'teryx Black-Diamond
At our Boulder shop we can cover all your needs to outfit you on a daily basis. We carry brands like Prana, Patagonia, Lole, Billabong, and many others. We've got you covered whether you need underwear or outerwear. If you're going to do yoga in the mountains, need a comfortable hoody to wear when you watch the newest episode of LOST, a sweet pair of pants to wear to BJ's for pizza. Wearing an Arcteryx shell is like wearing an umbrella, but probably more comfortable than wearing an umbrella. Also, you won't get questions like, "why are you wearing an umbrella."

Patagonia Icebreaker Moosejaw Billabong


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